English preparation: intermediate

English preparation: intermediate 

total time: 176 hours (duration 1 months)

time: day 08:30-12:00  14:00-17:00  18:00-20:30

number of students: 10 people

teaching method: to use, with the goal of studying abroad

course description: we will be based on individual English level to select an appropriate school curricula. After the admission, if you can't fit the level can be adjusted according to the individual circumstances to a different level. At the end of a stage, campus will test your students that learning, students master the situation, available spare time tests fail students tutorial, free stress. Boutique class sizes, can create an excellent learning environment, not the lack of opportunity for open expression, improving oral English ability.

after effects: after the words 3000-4000, full expression of personal opinions and views and can use English as their language tools to participate in various activities. You can use English to participate in the business of foreign trade activity. Being able to communicate in any scenario, familiar with the language and mastering the ability to use English in the workplace.