English major level

English major level 

total time: 176 hours (duration 1 months)

time: day 08:30-12:00  14:00-17:00  18:00-20:30

number of students: 10 people

teaching method: to use, with the goal of studying abroad

course description: we will provide a full English-language environment, immersion learning, simulated interaction, role playing and other means. You live and study in a foreign country, quickly improve your English speaking and writing.

after effects: learned can pass the Cambridge business English certificates, or certificates for non-English vocabulary more than 8000, can express personal opinions and views of very complete and use of idiomatic English as their language tools to participate in various activities and can use English as their language of comprehensive to use. Studying abroad, foreign qualified English-speaking work environment, so fluency in English in the workplace, and have good English writing skills. Also discusses elements of negotiation and international business management strategy.