Basic English level

Basic English level 

total lessons: teach 96 hours + foreign teachers in social class 80 lessons

class time:

late   class: every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (19:00-21:00)

            every Tuesday, six (19:00-21:00)

  Sunday:09:00-12:00  14:00-17:00

number of students: 15 people

teaching method: to use, interaction, role playing and other forms of immersion. Study abroad, with the goal of

learning after effects: intermediate course content: a variety of sessions, Word, reading practice, expanding the elementary English vocabulary; learn how to use the related vocabulary and sentence patterns in a real context; combined with hearing, speech, data, correct the pronunciation and mimic authentic English pronunciation, English function, able to communicate brief spoken. Master more complex language structures to improve English fluency, guide the participants will learn to apply the knowledge to everyday oral English practice, improve expression and comprehension ability, maximize your oral communication skills. Master 2000-2600.