Teach you ten tips rapid growth of English vocabulary

write down so many words a little can't resist you? This does not need to become a feared task! View the best ideas and instructions to make you pile up your Word power!

Connect: words of memory set up on the basis of a common theme is easier to remember words. Build your own connections between words can also use the Web way words.

Write: practically using vocabulary can help real in my mind to remember words. Use new vocabulary sentences or make up stories using a set of words or expressions.

Draw: bring out your own artistic paintings and pictures of those relevant departments of the new words. Your picture can help you in the future to stimulate memories.

Act: new words or expressions you Act it out. Or, imagine and act out the scene you might use those words.

Create: design your words and in English in his free time to study. Card making new words every week, but to keep the recall all the words.

Associate: assign different colors to different words. This contact can help you recall the words in the future.

Listen: think about what sounded newly learned words and you close Word, especially complex words. Your new words and other words to help you remember the pronunciation.

Choose: remember that you are interested in the topic to be easier to learn. Therefore, carefully select words that you think useful or interesting. Even the process of selecting the word is also a means of memory!

Limit: do not try to write down a word in one day! Limit yourself to 15 words of memory every day, you'll be constantly adding confidence instead of feeling there is no way to cope.

Observe: when reading or listening to English when all the words you are learning.