Oral book: learning to coherently express

in English in the process of beginners will often happen suddenly, if unexpected, suddenly began to talk, lack of prepared in advance, it is difficult to produce correct responses right away. At this time, may be suddenly couldn't keep up your English listening, may suddenly stuck your spoken English, or are you even with the Chinese could not immediately thought to answer. It's not like oral English training institutions to participate in oral English class, no way to prepare in advance, fully rely on the field response to answer, then you can choose one of the following approaches.

have heard clearly saying to each other. If you haven't understood it is what others are saying, don't think at this point, that would let people start waiting for your reply, this open when others say it again will be more humiliating. So it is best to please each other immediately repeat, if where there is really not understand, ask someone to explain it in another way. Know how to answer.

talk about their own experiences. In usually and friends talk Shi, everyone usually will said some himself life in the experience had of thing, if you has understand other said of things has, may wish to first with eyes or body language, way told other you understand has, again consider about himself whether has similar of experience, if has words, on can and other share about you of story, which will involves of words and phrases also can reference just friends said of content, if lack similar of experience can share, you also can talk about "If is you encountered such of status words" Will do.