Learning English a few common techniques

"facial features and usage of" this is my most commonly used as a way to learn English. English is a language, both spoken and written language is the highest level four – accordingly, to ear to the mouth to take down notes while reading. Within the shortest possible time in order to make more four powers have been trained, hand, ear, tongue, eyes can be together. Get an audio text, I tend to follow the steps below. The first time, without looking at the text, listen-only; the second time, to dictate, content quickly and accurately note hear; a third time, while listening to the recording, and take note of the contents of a text control, with particular attention to where I heard wrong and missed four times, read the texts; the fifth, not the text read. Five times, and seemed a little bit tired, but in the process, not only left a deep impression in the text in the brain, and practice listening and speaking, dictating when it reviewed the spelling of a Word, it is too. Think, we listen to the texts, and more than five times, but the effect was not ideal, I think this is because we have no ear to the mouth to take down notes while reading. Recordings, ears to hear, did not leave much trace in the mind.

"classic pattern memory method" in English after a swim in the sea, I found the most useful are those with the most classic. Former subject clauses, adjective clauses, adverbial clauses, appositive clause, omit the topic sentences, inversion, the subjunctive, I don't know, but clearly emerged in my mind, always the "classics".

so-called "plus Ça change", although that applies to any academic, but in English, is the most appropriate. All the complexity of knowledge, to integrate into a vivid sentences, sentences despite the ever-changing, but contains syntax change. Note the n is often much easier than to write boring grammar knowledge. Every choice some typical examples of knowledge, repeated reading, until able to skillfully use, the purpose is achieved.

classic line can be selected from the text, Cloze and selected reading I've done, you can read selected readings ... ... It is up to you, but the general principle is better sentence in mind. If you have the ability, might as well let your classic complex, such as in several clauses in a sentence, and then to a flip or something. Normally think about, how to read, apart to use when writing, everything is very simple.