How to improve my oral English level

students often break when a confused face asked me: "teacher, how can I improve my spoken English level? "

on this issue, my own experience is: oral language skills reflect in some way, so there is no purely to improve spoken English this argument; improve your spoken English, must proceed from the comprehensive English abilities, enhance comprehensive strength, can effectively improve your oral English level.

This means in everyday spoken English learning and teaching process, we simply cannot believe that speaking is much more dialogue. If you're English contains many vocabulary, and grammar, even and logical errors, that the English no matter how many times, is unlikely to make any improvement in your English. Therefore, I believe that in the process of training speaking, actually more content in Word, phrase, sentence structure, grammar, pronunciation, even work harder on reading, speaking first and lay a solid foundation.

Secondly, I often emphasize "I heard regardless" this truth. What is spoken? Simply speaking, oral is our word to repeat what we have heard every word correctly, the perfect English (English mother tongue or a high level of English by non-native speakers of English). So, want to improve your spoken English, we must work harder to listen to first, only on the listening volume with enough accumulated, may opened her mouth to speak decent English; I want to practice speaking and not to try to find a chance to listen to English, especially the original standard English, it is impossible to achieve very skillful at the oral level. The reason we must have a deep understanding.

Finally, I think the vocabulary of accumulated and used to express my own thoughts. The accumulation of words is important, but one-sided emphasis of "number" is meaningless. Only words that can truly learn pronunciation, phrases, common collocations in order to become really helpful words spoken for can be for your oral luster; or when needed, meaning that no, incorrect pronunciation, matching errors, it might as well use a synonym or relate to convenience. So when we recite the words, do not neglect study "quality", and strive to learn a Word, especially the common words, really thorough grasp of the word, so as to provide the most solid protection for the spoken content.