English sentence tone different meaning in different

tone (intonation), manner of speaking, is the tone in a sentence (pitch) preparation and level of severity of the iambic pentameter. There is no one language is spoken by a single voice, in English, for example, in English there are five basic types of intonation: rising intonation (?), flat (?), falling tone (∧), the fall-rise tone (∨) and flat (→). A word except for lexical meaning (lexical meaning) and tone of meaning (intonation meaning). So-called lexical meaning is used in the meaning of the word, tone and meaning is the speaker with the attitude expressed by intonation or tone. The lexical meaning and tone of a word meaning people who are full of meaning. The same sentence, intonation is different, meaning would be different, sometimes even miles apart. Please look at the following examples:

1) A:Jean,can you bring me the newspaper?

B:Sorry? (?),

Jean use the rising says "Sorry", which means "I didn't hear you. Could you say that again,please? "

Let us look at the following sentence:

2) A:Jean,can you bring me the newspaper?

B:Sorry. (?)

dialogue 2), use the falling tone Jean said "Sorry", apparently meaning that refuses to help or do anything about it.

United States famous linguist Kenneth L.Pike said:

syllable upward adjustment of the absolute is not important, but a syllable with a relative height is very important.

English grade can distinguish meaning higher:

1) high (extra high), that is, tone higher than normal levels, often used when feeling particularly excited or surprised.

2) high (high), that is, tone higher than normal level, generally used for critical rereading words in the statement.

3), middle (mid), the speaker sounds normal.

4), low (low), that is, tone lower than normal levels,

is generally flat lows.

intonation patterns according to the speaker's attitude, not according to the grammatical structure of a sentence. No "question tones" or "tone of the statement." Questions and statements can be used for variety of intonation patterns.

so for Chinese English learners, by understanding a certain tone patterns expressed by certain attitude or tone is quite important.