Book: "faster and more firmly" to remember the words

back word, synonymous, antisense, and the shape, homogeneous, root words are put together to remember. Word back after a period of time, see a Word, you can think about it had learned what synonymous, if only impression and not remember, preferably in a notebook in a pen, when you next meet, pay special attention to.

(a), choose a good book

1. a selected word should not be too thick.

fault with most people have old, always holding the same book will inevitably produce boredom, but also because there is no progress, there is no effect and lose confidence and hold back emotions. In the back with a thick book of words, people tend to back only the first few pages back up, back next time still have to start from the first page. So often appeared as one of the first few pages of the book memorized the words, but not the latter part. Again, back to the book, tends to cycle is very long, so you inevitably forget that behind the back, not up to the expected effect, if the thickness of the book medium, after you finish a book will produce a strong sense of achievement and satisfaction, prompting you to continue with the next book or simply back it again to impress.

2. repeat back the same book is a lot of good.

it can make the meaning of the word, usage is firmly rooted in the minds of learners, not easy to forget. Perhaps some people may ask: "repeated back the same book will not waste time? "In fact, a Word back first time and could take two to three months, and when a second time because most of the words have been learned, a few words that will not have the impression, may, 30 days to back out. Then again maybe seven or eight days to complete. Rather than back a lost to a much better this way. Back again on Word impression is not too deep, then forget speed and forgetting rates will be very high. Save time and manpower than back a few more times, more at ease.

3. book a selected word should not be too difficult, to suit your level of English.

we have such experience: If a book's words have three or four known, back up pretty easy; if there are seven or eight into memory for the first time, that it is more difficult if a word you see all the words in the book are words, you will be discouraged and may even abandon. So, pick a suitable vocabulary book is especially important. Do not start buying a little can be very advanced vocabulary book, attempting to bite into a fat man. Beginning may wish to recite the basis of vocabulary book, gradual effect is much better.

4. book a selected word should interpretation detail and with examples.

for English learners, master Chinese interpretation of the word is sufficient. However, there is a very important issue, is the interpretation of words in Chinese, it is more easily confused. English word has a lot of subtle differences, translated into Chinese show does not come out. Take a simple example, there are a lot of words in English such as said: big, great, large, huge, immense, giant, vast, and so on, are translated into Chinese "big", but they are actually different. So there must be a corresponding example sentences to help you remember the word usage. Examples do not necessarily require a lot, there was one or two is enough.

5. best able to provide relatively easy memory techniques.

memory Word is boring, if you can find some of the more interesting techniques, it can be quite lovely. Vocabulary series of Liu Yi, Yu minhong's GRE vocabulary featured series, Wang Changxi several words of the book, is a better word.

selected to suit your vocabulary book, now the key issue: how to back to relaxing and interesting?

(ii), the words

1. recite the words out loud words.

we've all had this experience, when the teacher dictated words in English, there are many words that he does not know to write the correct spelling pronunciation. This is because the vast majority is able to listen and write the words, irregular words very little. So to speak, if you remember the pronunciation of a Word, a few times, you can spell the word of 80%, this would not be an exaggeration. Some students do not realize this, their methods of memorizing words is a book, a stack of paper and a pen, practice spelling. Obviously, this is both boring and inefficient. Remember to recite the words, the first tip is to read it out correctly, then you can follow the spelling rules of pronunciation. One stone, both learned words and practicing the pronunciation of the word for the future can speak perfect English and lay a good foundation.

2. keep context learn while practicing.

sentence is the basic unit of communication from person to person rather than words. Only apply the real words used in everyday life, learning, work environment, the only way of using the new words, new statement to communicate with others, before they truly mastered the words. Remember the use of words in a certain context, not only when this situation is encountered can be skillfully used this word, you can also extrapolate, this word is used in a similar context, so as to really grasp the usage of the word, achieve the purpose of use.

3. words, don't spend too much time in one word.

on one word at a time as long as the back several times, more than 10 times, but back then to constantly review, especially in the head review. In the mind more than a few times is very important. Also continue to look for opportunities to uses, it can be firmly bear in mind.

4. pay attention to the links between words.

, of course, may establish contact at the beginning of the words seldom, but pay attention to cultivate awareness, strive for a string of words, he saw a, you can think of a bunch of. For example, synonymous, antisense, and the shape, homogeneous, root words are put together to remember. Word back after a period of time, see a Word, you can think about it had learned what synonymous, if only impression and not remember, preferably in a notebook in a pen, when you next meet, pay special attention to. For example, the word back after a period of time, you see a new Word Tuxedo (dress), you should ask yourself: how many words on clothes I altogether? Oh, garment,scarf,apparel,dress,trousers,skirt,blouse,jeans... Although some of the books had a finish, but his summary works much better. Can a few people more than to see who wrote of animals/plants/food ... ... More, and that will increase interest in English words.