Bible experience: English should learn to

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had I is a English (Forum) always had can't IELTS six points of children, domestic University of when I even even three level also had can't, a until now, can in full English of environment Xia life, can with fluent of English and others dialogue, can with English do project. again back wants to wants to these years through of this article road, somewhat bitter, somewhat think domestic of education is is too fraught, so has a impulse, Want to put some of his methods and learn something to everyone, maybe as is English a headache as I have friends a little help. If not, please show mercy, after all most of the time road is the same, but people do not like, so wonderful and varied.

Exchange can also if you have any questions or comments, I I see it every day.

1. the early stages of learning English

in fact that many people have a misconception that learning English is a stylish, everyone, why don't I learn?

I want to say is that the objective is really very important, regardless of anything, you'll have a purpose, how it determines your state of mind, how to learn.

basic learning languages simply put 2 class, first just to communicate, such as business, such as in the OFFICE and foreign exchange, such as completely on interest and foreign exchange. the second is to go abroad to live, study, work, or taking over large foreign projects.

which is simple, should do is learn Phonetics, back a few simple words, learn to explain what you do not know or do not know, we read about junior high school can do a simple exchange with foreigners, who are living in something not involving academic, we should be able to talk, the key in the mentality and courage. Overcome psychological factors of communication is actually very easy to do.

don't worry that foreigners cannot understand your words, imagine if a foreigner says to you "breakfast for me. "Do you understand? He said he ate breakfast. Bad syntax, but you could understand what he said, you know what this is because? Not his poor English, but because of your Chinese language level is too high. Even foreigners not say words can you help him up, look how much we Chinese ox x, and vice versa, so you don't have to worry about foreigners did not understand what you are saying.

If only Exchange, even if your badylanguage is nothing.

second species to to abroad reading, life, work of friends, you will found, you face of is a article step full thorn of road, not only reflected in language shang, more of is social, humanities, history and culture

language are is has common sex of, this reflected in Chinese and English Shang especially obviously, to do real understand, How to use the language and culture is very important.

China beautiful article, nice idioms are allusions to, for example, "Academia Sinica", such as "36 stratagems, the best is running away", such as "chop", such as "snow holding languan.". And so on, if not living in China, not familiar with Chinese culture, not to mention understand two words, Singapore is the case, a lot of people can say the Chinese, but you want them to write nice articles, it's not gonna happen.

English is so, you if not knows they of culture, you to put English learn, learn fine that almost is impossible, again playing a analogy, I of ID "Achilles", is by ancient Greece of Homer epic and to, in story in, Achilles is a room of hero, he of mother Thetis in he was born of when put he soaking in underworld River, so he from sword not into, But because his mother was holding his ankle, so weakness became his Achilles ' heel. In the Trojan war, Barris, Prince of Troy (Paris) fired a heel and was killed in battle.

arose from a story called Achilles'' heel, in the West, the foreigners generally used the word to describe a person's Achilles heel, Achilles ' heel.

interesting, this is the charm of the language.

again like, in Troy war in the, Achilles is was Troy of a Prince language lure to city Xia, that Prince called Hector, he although brave, but in face Achilles of when, still was he Chase with around has wall several circle only was forced to and he singled (somewhat side scolded side run of taste), so English in the has hectoring a word said "boasted, talk" Mean.

Chinese language consists of historical records, the three and four classics, poetry the combination of a Yuan dynasty Hanfu, Western culture has their words of Homer's epic, ancient Greece, Athens, Rome, the Bible, composed of Knights, if you want to learn English, you're not open around these things.

so everyone wants to learn English, there is interested can read more books, recommended: ancient Greece mythology, the Bible

number of close friends back home complain remember words or Word is one of the most troubling things. I didn't think so.

to know vocabulary is just a branch of language, consisting of parts, if you just want to daily life, then 3,000 essential words to cope with. You know United States West lifetime exposure to no more than 2000 words, do you know where the mistakes? Or are we just too stuck in the examination-oriented education.

most simple examples, the word Park, both meaning ad, but there is parking, Chinese in the "Park" is also a transliteration from the car park. Real foreigners are not going to learn all the words very dull and difficult to understand, as if now few are willing to say to write prose. The same expression can be a variety of, put it one way and there is no relationship.

yesterday met a little DD, asked a few questions. I think, like I did, at home many people lack most is a pragmatic spirit.

what this says. I, too, in order to show the ability of language, began the pursuit of difficult sentences, complex sentences, sentences, idioms, proverbs, and so on, you know, Chinese people are able to communicate their ideas in English and clean, don't let the other ambiguity was awesome. A lot of times we often can't even walk to run, such as that he almost didn't hear a few foreigners will say, people can save as much as possible, strive for clean and simple, and we are in pursuit of the simple things become complex.

had helped a young Singapore primary school girls IELTS, I asked her a simple question: "in English, what is most important? Verbs, nouns, adjectives, conjunctions, also is an adverb? "

her answer I dropped glasses, followed by adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, verbs, not nouns.

wry, wry. But ask me again after the domestic cousins, I get it, the original basic domestic is separated from the noun is learning English.

I actually believe in the common language, is true for both Chinese and English. The simplest expression is "human + action".

such as, "I eat", you first learn how to express the "I" and "to eat", the 2 words if you are not, then the "rice" what's the point?

to express "I eat", you have the ability to express "what time, how do I, how to eat, what kind of eating the food. "This is the role of adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, and see, aside from the redundant modification, there is no difference in meaning.

often some recently graduated from University friends abroad is the best adjective to adverb, even a simple sentence saying foreigners could not understand. However, don't even have to go to KFC or McDonald's menu will not, say no. Can do things like multiple choice questions out, but can't write a decent article, when it comes to writing English diary, worse than a Singapore primary school students.

only laments results of examination-oriented education in China is evil

is simple a matter of

we can now look at the surroundings, a few people without a dictionary all home appliances, washing machine, Refrigerators, computers, fans, mouse, chef, cabinets, trays, dishes, chopsticks, perfume, curtains, Windows, bathtubs, taps, bed sheets, quilt cover, plugs, drawer, watermelon, mango, kitchen knife. ... Written and spoken English?

for those who want to learn English, friends and don't know where to start, this is English, which is most of the foreigners in English. If you can learn these words, have less than half the basic English.

life full of English friends often complain that there is no language in the country environment, but why not create a language environment? Such as on the subway when a how many people are willing to look at those English notice? And how many people are willing to think about the "elderly, pregnant," you say? "Sit," you say? And how many people used in KFC of McDonald's recipes written in English?

why buying those expensive and impractical for English learning methods, translation of idioms and proverbs? Why not start with most living place?

when English becomes a kind of happy with you life and things, I believe that everyone can learn English unconsciously, when you see the table, jumped into his head is not Chinese, but when table, it can be said that English Foundation has been laid.

learning any kind of thing, whether English or Japanese French Italy language, it's not a burden, but a skill that is not going to be Shakespeare, but rather try to make yourself a foreign farmers.

can you think so, that's right.