About Us

Wenzhou Greensburg English school is an English training features, leading a comprehensive language training and educational institutions. Wenzhou English training, and Wenzhou English training institutions, and Wenzhou English training school, and Wenzhou learn English, and Wenzhou English training price, and Wenzhou English oral training, and Wenzhou children English training, and Wenzhou English training which home good, and Wenzhou business English training, and Wenzhou adult English training Greensburg education in "created thought, and apply" of running purposes, for students provides has most has incentive sex, and most with affinity, and most rich upgrade force of integration training.

Greensburg education since 2005, held in Nantong, Wuxi, Changzhou and Jiangyin, Nanjing and Suzhou opened a branch, all at the headquarters are situated in the heart of downtown. Lin Siying adhering to the "Happy Teaching • Smart Learning" teaching philosophy, in 1-on-1 training creative teachers on the basis of 2-on-1 language + teaching assistant scheme for global English learners to create a plain-spoken English learning environment. Ranglailinsiying of each student according to their own interests, career needs, personal development learning projects, which enhance the employability and competitiveness, develop their career highlights. In terms of curriculum content, bi Ke English range from zero to business English, IELTS and other stages, and medical, research, IT and other industry professional English, courses are suitable for all industry participants throughout the stage. Other than for English learning solutions, bi Ke English also set the Spiiker community and senior teacher resource interactive platform, and develop mobile client APP learning resources. But also to provide our students with the Europe, the United States, Japan and Australia, and University study abroad opportunities.